How to Play When Pigs Fly Netent

When pigs fly is a funny and most ironic creation of Netentcasino slots. In reality, you would not expect to see pigs flying around, but if you are a fan of the 90s cartoons, you will enjoy this.


Origins of When Pigs Fly

The slot has colorful and catchy animations which adequately convince that the theme is derived from the 90s cartoons. According to , the aspect of originality stands out clear, Netent has worked on old cartoons to catch the player's mind.

The fascinating feeling of watching prominent Saturday morning cartoons of the 90s like Powerpuff Girls, Dragon Ball Z, and Sailor Moon, has been brought alive by Netent. The slot focuses on pigs in the space with cartoons feel to it.

Features of When Pigs Fly Netent Slot

The slot comes out with sound aspects that are not only fascinating to the gamer but also attractive. The slot comes with 5reels with winning possibilities of between 45 – 3,125 ways. The spin feature is very fair to all players.

Betting Methods

Betting in this slot is too friendly to doubt. The maximum bet goes 100 lower than the standard slots. Again the minimum is not even something to mention on. The slot also has other amazing features which include:

  • The slot comes in 10 different levels
  • It has five different coin values
  • The gamer can choose bet between 0.5 – 100

Spinning Features

Features like; spin or re-spin enable the excitement of the game; the animation and sounds increase adequately to the maximum. When you re-spin, you eventually can win up to 5times with each re-spin changing the reel shape.

Winning Combination Features

Your chances of winning are high in re-spin. Each time you spin and re-spin, you can win up to 5 more re-spins. During each re-spin, the slot gives two reel positions that open like an explosion giving two symbols (wins).

Winning Style

As it is with other gaming slots, you should learn ways of winning before playing. In most cases, the amount you expect is your stake multiplied by the number of spins you win. Aspects to consider include:

  1. The first re-spin has 135 different ways of winning
  2. The second re-spin has 405 ways to win
  3. The third re-spin has 675 ways to win.

You can play to a maximum of 3125—your chances of winning increase with an increase in re-spins. In case your winning combination comes on the 5th re-spin, the slot can awards eight free re-spins through the free spin feature.

Where to Play When Pigs Fly

I guess if we are reading from the same page, you are probably excited where you get this slot. When the pigs fly is available in Netent casinos in the world. Want to try one, visit your nearest Casino.

Devices to Play When the Pigs Fly On

Like other Netent slots, when the pigs fly can be accessed through all android devices, iPhones, laptops, desktops, and other computer devices in Netent casinos. This gaming is done online, and therefore, you need a network connection to your device.

Requirements to Play When Pigs Fly Netent

Very interesting, Netent always wants to keep you in the game; what you only need is to be in their Casino and access this slot. Your accessing should have a secure network connection, and you will be ready.

Who Can Play When Pigs Fly Netent

This game is open to all players who meet the legal gambling requirements. However, it is adapted to please players who love classic cartoons from the 90s. Arm yourself with the right knowledge and stake to play.

Benefits of Playing When Pigs Fly Netent

Apart from the obvious cartoon themed symbols and slots, you get to enjoy the exhilarating choosing your favorite characters. The thrill of using your favorite cartoon characters makes the experience more fun, which in turn makes the winnings sweeter.

Is Playing When Pigs Fly Netent Worth it?

Is teaming up with your favorite 90s cartoon character worth it? If you answered to the affirmative, you will not wish to exchange the experience of playing when pigs fly Netent for anything. Additionally, the game is fun.

The game has exciting features. Some of these features are unique to this game alone. The re-spin feature increases your chances of taking home big bucks. All you have to do is to master the art of playing right.