Introduction To NetEnt and Playtech

NetEnt ( ) casino is a software studio known to produce and supply different games such as video slots, roulette, scratchcard, and Blackjack to online casinos across the world. Playtech is another giant company known to produce online video slots and game software around the world.

What Is similar Between The Two

It is a dream of every gambler to enroll in an online casino which entertains him and also help him to win high stakes. Here at , we will compare and contrast the two gaming giants so as to know which is better.

The two studios boast to produce the best solutions which are seen to be the future of online gaming. What sets their products apart is the fact that they produce online games with a higher chance of winning and also different hefty bonuses.

Playtech and NetEnt Strategy

The company focuses mostly on cross-platform solutions to enable players to enjoy their online casino products regardless of the device they are using. The company has invested mostly in multiple innovative start-ups across the world so as to always stay ahead of its competitors.

NetEnt does not have a bigger market share compared to Paytech. However, their main strategy to gro is looking for the competitors' loopholes and trying to improve them. They have put a lot of focus on the production of unique slots with the introduction of virtual reality

Playtech and NetEnt Casinos RTP

Having a higher percentage of RTP shows the higher chances of a player winning, in the long run. NetEnt casinos have an RTP of around (96-98%). Playtech casinos have an RTP of the Playtech casino slots is 95% on average. As a result, the players will pick NetEnt.

  • RTP
  • Company strategy
  • Bonuses

In NetEnt, there are different high bonus schemes available to attract and keep the players. In Playtech, there are limited bonus options for players. They use high-quality themes and game designs to attract players. For those who play casinos for money NetEnt casinos are your perfect choice.

Market Share Comparison

Playtech was established in 1999 later than NetEnt. However, it has grown faster and occupied a larger market share than NetEnt. Their expansion strategy entails taking lager risks and trying new things. For example, they were the first company to bring mobile-optimized games in the market.

Their software brings a mixture of creativity and reputation. On the other hand, NetEnt focusses mostly on innovation. They normally highlight the weaknesses of the other competitors and try to come up with improved solutions. As a result, their software products are very stable.

Platform Solutions Comparison

NetEnt focuses mostly on casino products which do not require someone to download. You are only required to play over the browser. On the other hand, Playtech aims to develop apps which can run on all platforms. Their apps can also be downloaded and installed on gadgets.

As we wind up, you have seen it is hard to determine the best casino provider between Playtech and NetEnd. For the lovers of bonuses and higher jackpots, NetEnt solutions are there for you. If you want to experience high quality and attractive solutions. them Playtech is better.